We are LifeScoreLabs

A team of experts using data and advanced technology to improve how the insurance industry and consumers look at risk.

Life insurance that is easy and transparent

We believe that risk scores should be fair, transparent and easily understood by consumers who rely on them to make informed insurance decisions.

With consumers bypassing life insurance altogether and an underinsured coverage gap approaching $3 trillion, we saw an opportunity to bring life insurance carriers and consumers closer together – through a more transparent understanding of the risk that drives both carrier and consumer decision-making.

At LifeScore Labs, we partner with life insurers to deliver a toolkit of data-driven, risk-scoring models that make underwriting more efficient while generating results that are easier for both insurers and consumers to interpret.

About Us

LifeScore Labs turns data into risk scoring that is efficient and understandable. Founded in 2017, LifeScore Labs is a wholly-owned insurtech subsidiary of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual).




The LifeScore Labs difference 

The life insurance industry has seen a slew of risk-scoring services emerge – many of which are limited by their access to reliable policy data.

But LifeScore Labs is connected to MassMutual and its industry-leading data science division.

Our risk-scoring model has been tested against nearly 1 million MassMutual applications, underwriting decisions, and mortality experience.

We've proven that our system works and delivers measurable results.


Meet our people

Sears Merritt
Chief Data Scientist at MassMutual & Head of LifeScore Labs
Michael Gallary
Head of Product & Marketing
Roseanna Hopper
Senior Data Analyst
Dean Regrut
Product Strategy Lead
Yangyi "Yi" He
Design Lead
Guy Hawes
Product Manager
Bharathi "B" Balasubramanyam
Software Engineering Manager
Diana García de la Noceda
Senior Marketing Consultant
Radha Jaldu
QA Manager
Ashwin Pillai
Full Stack Developer

Our Partners

Solving some of the industries largest challenges requires the partnership of some of the best and brightest in life insurance, data science and academics.



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