LifeScore Fluidless

A predictive, risk-scoring model that doesn't require medical labs data. 


No fluids 

LifeScore Fluidless can knock weeks off the underwriting process for a potential customer. Without the need to schedule lab tests, consumers get more immediate answers regarding insurance options and pricing.


Intuitive understanding

An applicant can receive an easily understood LifeScore Fluidless score of 0-100, along with a detailed report of positive and negative contributions to their overall risk profile.

How it works

An accelerated mortality risk model that does not require medical labs data. This "fluidless" model uses fluidless data points to complement responses to basic health questions to deliver predictive risk scoring and eliminates the intrusive and costly lab tests used in traditional underwriting.

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Consumer identification 

Helps carriers to develop a more informed understanding of an applicant’s risk profile earlier in the insurance process so that clear expectations can be established and the right solutions delivered to increase policy acceptance.


Fast track

Provides carrier a “fast track” underwriting process that can shorten timeframes and expedite insurance decisions for those that qualify.


Improves efficiency

Simplifies manual processes within the underwriting process that drive your costs higher and create frustrations for consumers.




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