LifeScore A2B

LifeScore A2B is a suite of risk models that provide insurance companies with an initial view of applicant risk when consumers answer simple questions early in the insurance process. As a sub-set of the LifeScore Med360 model that relies on a total of 49 inputs, which are derived in part from data that comes from a consumer’s lab results (i.e., cholesterol), the LifeScore A2B models provide a directional read of applicant risk by asking fewer questions that consumers can answer quickly and simply.

With LifeScore A2B, insurance companies can:

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Develop an initial profile of applicant risk – quickly, and simply.

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Assess the appropriate path for underwriting for each applicant, including those that would qualify for an accelerated process.

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Align applicants toward the most appropriate solutions based on their risk profile.

How it works 

The LifeScore A2B suite consists of 25, 15, 10, and 5 question-based models all developed as a sub-set from LifeScore Labs’ comprehensive, labs-based mortality risk model – LifeScore Med360, and trained on the same data set comprised of 1 million life insurance policies over 15 years.

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As part of the life insurance customer experience, insurance companies provide consumers an opportunity to answer questions to provide basic risk information.

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Step 2

LifeScore A2B generates a risk score from 0-100 based on the answers to the questions (25, 15, 10, and 5 question mortality risk models available).

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Step 3

With a risk score generated, consumers gain a better understanding of their risk profile, and insurance companies get insight into the applicant that allows them to design and optimize a better customer experience, while still understanding and managing risk.

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