For Agents & Brokers

Data science to drive better decisions

State-of-the-art techniques that will improve the customer experience, accelerate your work, and help you protect more people

Place more policies and sell faster by making efficient risk decisions 

Manual processes slow the sales cycle, leading to frustrated consumers and rising costs. LifeScore Labs helps you place people in appropriate risk classes quickly through the power of machine learning.


Know instantly when it's appropriate to speed up underwriting 

Not every applicant qualifies for a “fast track” underwriting process that doesn't require lab tests. Our tools can help agents and brokers assess the risk of any given consumer to help better level-set expectations.

Reduce friction for consumers that have found life insurance cumbersome

You understand the complexity of underwriting. So do we. Together we can help consumers understand too. Because when customers trust the process, they want to do business with you.