A comprehensive risk model toolkit 

From customer acquisition to policy underwriting, improve your risk assessment capabilities with predictive models that can improve transparency and make it easy to interpret risk scores.

Our Key Principles

These five concepts are at the center of everything we do. They form the basis of our company, informing how we think, work, and plan for new solutions that can improve the industry.


A focus on transparency 


Information privacy & protection


Intuitive & easy to interpret


Data Agnostic


Alignment with regulations


A focus on Transparency

Building consumer trust

Buying life insurance can be time-consuming, frustrating, and largely confusing for many consumers. Smart insurers know that has to change. LifeScore Labs offers consumer-facing, white-label tools that pull back the veil on risk scores. Because when consumers trust the underwriting process, they will trust you.


Information privacy and protection

Security and safety

Consumer and carrier privacy are critical. All of the data provided to LifeScore Labs is de-identified, and is protected and managed under high security protocols.


Intuitive and Easy to Interpret

The complex made comprehensible

Machine learning, data science, and advanced mathematics. It's all extraordinarily complex. But we've made it easy to use. LifeScore Med360, for example, converts 49 unique data points from an applicant into a single, easy to interpret risk score. All of LifeScore Labs' products are that usable. Our tools are powered by data science, but they are designed to be simple and user-friendly.


Data Agnostic

Seeking truth, not advantage

We use data to understand risk, not to promote a particular point of view. We look for what works, for what is accurate and true. And we look everywhere: from our own proprietary data sets to those of our partners to public records. If it can add value, we want to understand it. If it helps forecast risk in a fair, predictable, and ethical way, we want to use it.

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Alignment with regulators

In sync and on track 

At LifeScore Labs, we understand the significance of changing how to model risk. We're leading the way to the future, but we're not traveling alone. We look for ways to work closely with regulatory bodies, both at the state and federal levels that oversee the industry.