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About Us

LifeScore Labs is a team of passionate industry experts that believe in a better way to underwrite life insurance.

Life insurance should be fast, easy and transparent

We believe it should be easier to protect the people we love. Our sophisticated predictive models use massive amounts of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate and accelerate life underwriting.

Who we are: LifeScore Labs

What we offer

Our Team

Sears Merritt


Sears will not rest until he has digitized every aspect of life insurance with innovative, transformative capabilities.

Michael Gallary

General Manager

As head of LifeScore Labs, Micheal is in charge of everything. He's also a marketing guru and financial services veteran.

Yi He

Product Design

Yi enjoys turning complex problems into simple and intuitive designs by doing research, ideation, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing.

Radha Jaldu

Business Systems

As someone who was raised in one culture, and lives in another, Radha’s unique perspective shapes what we do and how we do it.

Kent Karnick

Underwriting Innovation

With more than 35 years in the industry, Kent supports our partners and clients as they implement accelerated underwriting solutions—he's also full of surprises.

Ashwin Pillai

Software Engineer

Ash works with the entire development cycle—from system design to building new features.

Dean Regrut


Dean develops products that match the needs of the market, as such, he's a master at solving complicated problems and unbeatable at Wordle.

Amy Stoll


It’s one thing to create great solutions, Amy's specialty is a data-driven strategy to build a brand and grow awareness and consideration for our products. She also grows a mean tomato.

Ada Hui Xu

Data Science

As a data scientist and a storyteller, Ada uncovers the truth in your data. Bonus: she can talk machine learning and AI to your grandmother or to actuaries and underwriters.

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