LifeScore EHD360

Predictive Life Models Fueled by EHR

This sophisticated model makes it easy for underwriters to tap into data stored in electronic health records (EHRs) and apply data-driven artificial intelligence to each risk. LifeScore EHD360 creates an individual mortality risk score in seconds to help streamline your underwriting, improve the customer experience and unlock your data’s potential.



Unlock the potential in EHR data 

Underwriters can access information contained in an EHR through a single transparent score. This actionable information helps your team quickly evaluate risk using key data points:

  • Lab results that already exist in an applicant’s EHR
  • Medical history

  • Family history
  • Customer medical interviews

Implement a fluidless underwriting workflow without credit data

A flexible API makes it easy to integrate LifeScore EHD360 into your underwriting workflow. Increase no-touch and low-touch underwriting and flag potential outliers with:

  • No medical exam
  • No credit data

Improve your customer experience

No medical exams > Better CX

Being able to underwrite risks without a medical exam is a game-changer in the customer experience. Less invasive and faster, LifeScore EHD360 can help expedite the underwriting process for applicants who qualify.