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Social media guidelines

LifeScore Labs has a presence on various social media sites including LinkedIn. Although we are not active on every site, they are maintained by third parties with their own privacy and security policies, as well as terms of use. We do not control or endorse any advertising, messages, content, or links published by these third parties. The social media sites created by LifeScore Labs are open to the public and potentially include content related to LifeScore Labs’ employees, clients and their families. Any postings by any entity other than LifeScore Labs are of those persons/entities submitting them and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of LifeScore Labs. LifeScore Labs reserves the right to remove any posts and block any followers.

The purpose of the LifeScore Labs’ social media sites is to provide general information and encourage interaction within the community. In no way are we providing investment or tax advice on these sites. Also, although we may occasionally provide links to third-party content that may be of interest to our followers, the linked sites and content therein are neither under the control of, nor endorsed by LifeScore Labs (unless otherwise noted), and we are not responsible for the completeness nor accuracy of the content. We are also not responsible for any changes nor updates made to the third-party sites.

If you choose to interact with the LifeScore Labs’ social media sites, we ask that you:

  • Exercise good judgment when deciding to make a post or comment. Do not post anything that can be viewed as, inappropriate, offensive, threatening, profane, defamatory, untruthful, harassing, stalking, discriminatory, or abusive.

  • Do not post any account, personal, or financial information anywhere.

  • Avoid discussing specific insurance or investment products, investment advice, or trading strategies, or producers.

  • Do not attach copyrighted or other protected material unless you own or control those rights.

More information regarding LifeScore Labs’ privacy practices can be found at

If you are a client and have specific questions related to your account, or if you have any general questions or concerns regarding LifeScore Labs’ products or services, please submit an inquiry to:

The LifeScore Labs social media sites are not intended as a solicitation in any jurisdiction in which LifeScore Labs is not authorized to transact business.