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automate risk assessment

LifeScore Med360

Our flagship predictive model uses lab data to deliver historically more accurate risk assessments and superior mortality protection.

LifeScore Med360

LifeScore Med360 Demo

Now you can experience the speed, power and sophistication of LifeScore Med360 for yourself. This interactive demo lets you select a sample profile, calculate a score and understand the data that's driving the risk.

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Proven results


Fewer deaths at 15 years among ultra-preferred applicants


Improvement in overall mortality


Faster approval times


Greater acceptance rates among ultra-preferred applicants


Score Report

Easy to use, easy to explain

Transparent and explainable, the Score Report translates an applicant's risk in a quick, at-a-glance format. The Score Report shows the factors that contribute to the score and how they compare with similar applicants.

Proven value

LifeScore Med360 provides value by:

  • Improving risk selection 
  • Reducing mortality losses
  • Automating risk assessment, leading to faster underwriting decision, faster offer rate, higher take rates and lower costs.

Seamless integration

Our API allows you to integrate LifeScore Med360 into any platform whether it's a third-party platform or a home-grown ecosystem. And just as important, it's hosted in a secure cloud-based environment, so you know your data is safe.


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