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assess risk without a medical exam

LifeScore Fluidless

Predictive risk assessment to accelerate and grow fluidless underwriting.

LifeScore Fluidless assesses risk without a medical exam

Identify applicants to accelerate

LifeScore Fluidless is an accelerated model that computes a single risk score from select credit, public, and self-reported medical information so you can quickly identify applicants for fluidless underwriting.


Faster underwriting decisions

Make faster underwriting decisions

Because LifeScore Fluidless is powered by instantly available data, not time-consuming and invasive medical exams, underwriters can assess mortality risk in seconds, not weeks.

Manage underwriting costs

Expanding no-touch or fluidless underwriting programs has a direct impact to your bottom line. It enables you to:

  • Reduce underwriting time
  • Reduce underwriting costs
  • Reduce time-to-offer
  • Increase acceptance rates
Manage the cost of underwriting
Improve the CX

Improve the customer experience

Deliver a completely digital underwriting experience. Data drives underwriting, not invasive labs, busy doctor schedules and long wait times. 


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