LifeScore Fluidless

Balance cost savings with mortality risk experience.

An accelerated model that computes a mortality risk score based on select credit, public, and self-reported information from applicants, without the need for medical exam inputs. The score estimates mortality risk within age, sex, and tobacco status cohorts allowing life insurance carriers to place applicants into an appropriate risk class and quickly identify applications where fluidless underwriting is appropriate. 




LifeScore Fluidless provides value for carriers by enabling them to expand their fluidless underwriting programs, while confidently managing mortality risk.

  • Faster decisions - by speeding up assessment, the time to decision will go down, which can result in more applicants staying engaged during the overall life insurance application process and can lead to higher take-rates.
  • Better experience - our model’s ability to assess more granular mortality risk levels means that the score produced can be refined. As a result, carriers can better classify applicants and present a more personalized offering. 

  • Increased applicant pool - by eliminating the step of medical exams, new prospects can be reached, particularly younger applicants who expect compelling digital experiences with fast results.