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Assess mortality risk with greater precision.

A secure, cloud-based model that computes a mortality risk score based on 49 applicant-specific data points, including medical exam results that carriers collect during the application process. Developed from nearly one million life insurance application records over 20 years, the underlying model that delivers LifeScore Med360 was trained to stratify mortality risk based on more than 15k observed deaths, not just mimic traditional underwriting decisions.




LifeScore Med360 can provide value for carriers in three dimensions: 

  • Improved risk selection - A comprehensive simulation produced a best-class (UPNT) with 10% fewer deaths and a decline pool with 18% more deaths compared to traditional underwriting.
  • Faster decisions - Quickly identify applicants that may be eligible for straight-through-processing.  

  • Lower unit costs - Reduce the average amount of underwriter time spent on each application..