LifeScore Med360

A secure, cloud-based mortality risk model developed from 1 million life insurance policies over 15 years.


49 to 1

Machine Learning Power

The LifeScore Med360 model relies on 49 data points that are derived from lab results to generate a single, easy to interpret score that helps carriers better assign applicants to the right risk class.


Reduce Underwriting Time 

Using LifeScore Med360 can lead to a decrease of seven days in average time-to-issue vs. reliance on a rules-based underwriting process alone. Saving that amount of time makes it far less likely your potential customer will drop out.


Simple and Transparent

Our consumer-facing version of LifeScore Med360 (available to be white labeled for brands) lets potential customers anonymously calculate their own unique risk score by answering just 10 questions.

How it works 

Our risk scoring model can be integrated into a carrier's underwriting workflow and can be aligned to specific thresholds. Through the use of machine learning, the model can analyze 49 data points to generate a single, easy to interpret risk score of 0-100 along with a detailed report of positive and negative contributions to the overall score.


Improvement in actual-to-expected mortality

Life insurers that deploy LifeScore Med360 can see an improvement in actual-to-expected mortality of as much as 10% compared with those that rely solely on a rules-based underwriting process.


Efficient and proven

Our risk models were developed from nearly 1 million life insurance policies over 15 years and have been tested against hundreds of thousands of policies written by our partners.


Drive down cost 

LifeScore Med360 automates many of the time-consuming and costly  processes that carriers traditionally have done by hand. Now you can lower your costs and accelerate your sales cycle.

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LifeScore Labs is hard at work finding new ways to make life insurance easier for the industry and consumers. 


A white-labeled, interactive tool that lets consumers calculate their own, personal risk score and improve their knowledge of the underwriting processㄧmeanwhile building goodwill for your brand.

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A predictive, risk-scoring model that doesn't require medical labs data.

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LifeScore A2B

As a sub-set of the LifeScore Med360 model that relies on a total of 49 inputs, which are derived in part from data that comes from a consumer’s lab results, the LifeScore A2B models provide a directional read of applicant risk by asking fewer questions that consumers can answer quickly and simply.

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