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Educate consumers on how health impacts their life insurance coverage. 

A white-labeled, interactive model that allows consumers to calculate their own personal health score, based on their answers to 10 basic questions, with no personally identifiable data. Upon completion of the widget-like quiz, a personalized risk score (0-100) is assigned and a report is delivered, clearly showing the positive and negative factors that contributed to their score. Carriers can decide how to deploy this tool to best align with their business.



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My LifeScore can provide value for carriers in two ways:

  • Increased trust - by making available an interactive tool that provides consumers an inside view into their personal risk factors, carriers can display an intent to work in a transparent and credible process. This helps build trust with consumers and an overall better experience.
  • Empowered consumers - transparency and clear understanding of results also allows for opportunities to make positive changes that can ultimately impact their life insurance coverage. This gives the power back to the consumer and could lead to a stronger relationship with the carrier.