The Difference Is the Data

Our predictive models help life insurers assess risk with speed and accuracy.

How? Our models were built, trained and tested on one of the industry’s most expansive data sets. And the larger data set, the more accurate and consistent the predictive results. Models trained on large data sets uncover patterns that would otherwise be impossible to find.


Our Data Set

1.7+ million life insurance applications
16.5 million exposure years across 20+ years of applicants
30,000 observed deaths
1.2 million credit/public records
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An early investment in data 

LifeScore Labs’ models are created from one of the earliest investments in data — an investment that’s transformed risk assessment and life underwriting by leveraging key data points such as:

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Medical lab test results


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Policy and underwriting information


Mortality outcomes

AdobeStock_302392226 [Converted]-04-1

Digitized personal and family health histories from paper applications